Base64 Encode Online Tools

Base64 data encoding is an easy and convenient way to encrypt text data. With our latest Online Base64 Encode tools, it's easy to encode your data and keep it safe! Check them out now to find out more!

What is Base64 encoding?

Base64 is the encoding of binary data as text. Base64 is often used to store and transfer files that can be read by the recipient without decompressing them. Normally, Base64 is used to encode images, but it can be used to encode any kind of binary data.

How to encode data using Base64?

Encoding data with Base64 is done with the help of appropriate tools. Most programming languages have libraries to encode Base64 data. Such libraries are also available on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. In some cases it is possible to encode Base64 data in command line mode.

How can I decode Base64 data?

Decoding Base64 data is a similar process to encoding. As mentioned earlier, most programming languages have libraries to decode Base64 data. Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems also have such libraries. Base64 data decoding is also possible in command line mode.